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Episode Reaction: It's a Terrible Life - Queen of the Funderworld [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Queen of the Funderworld

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Episode Reaction: It's a Terrible Life [Mar. 26th, 2009|09:08 pm]
Queen of the Funderworld

This is terrifying.

Haha, Smith & Wesson.

Vampires! Sam's a creepy oversharer.

It saddens me that if you actually Googled vampires, everything that showed up would be Twilight shit.

The guy with the giant nostrils FAILED, though the microwave thing was clever.

Dean's lips are very pink...

Ian's been whammied.

Whoa, what the FUCK (and soap is scarier than I thought).

Office nookie, anyone? ;D

Master Cleanse, my goodness. Someone needs to smack you, Deano.

They need to call in the GHOSTFACERS. :D

"I'm dying to check you out right now." Let's go have sexual relations in 1444.

Or not; it's kinda scary in there.

Dean not eating carbs is scarier.

Sam finally admits that he has hunting in his blood!

Dean is the best at research?


Now does suck.

Suckage. Major.

...Uh oh. I know what's coming. Elevator bisection!

Totally saw that coming.

Pretty blue flames.

Jo and Dean are siblings. Ha!

I like how Sam's hair is actually clean in this episode.

Ooh, crazy Sammy!

What is up with Dean's ridiculous typing skills?

Dean's all clean shaven. Yummy.

A new angel!

HAHAHA. Decoupage.

Ass clowns in monkey suits indeed.

I will stab you in your face.

I'm excited for next week. Though judging by the covers, those books look like bodice rippers. And is that a new Ruby I spy?