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Queen of the Funderworld

I'm not usually one to rant or anything, but I have to get this out so it's not banging around inside my skull anymore. There are SO many RPS fics where it talks about the boys being from Texas, and how everyone there isn't accepting of homosexuality. I kind of want to pull out my hair when I read that. I also feel like that's not a call that you have the right to make if you've never even been to Texas, let alone lived there.

I was born and raised in Texas. I never heard anyone use the word "fag" until I got to college in Boston, MA. I also knew quite a few people in middle school and high school that were gay, and they never had problems with that kind of discrimination. And while I understand that I am from a big city and people are more tolerant there, I also know people and have relatives from smaller towns. FYI, San Antonio is not a small city/town, so it is not a place where you encounter bigotry.

Houston, where I'm from, has the biggest church in the country, so it's not like religion isn't present, but Texans aren't just a bunch of Bible thumpers. I've talked to the guy that is the head of the Mormon congregation in Houston, and his brother is gay, and they're still very close! No, he doesn't condone it, but he's not a bigot either.

We Texans are just as forward-minded as everyone else in the country, and intolerant people exist everywhere.

Whew! It feels good to get that off my chest. Now, I'm off to do homework. Yay, Castle is on tonight!
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